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Introduction in English

Spiritual renewal

The church needs spiritual renewal. In talking to church leavers we often hear the complaint, 'I missed something in the church'. In the church itself we are sometimes 'lukewarm'. We have to acknowledge that there is too little fervour and fire in the church. The 'spark' is missing. When we look for the causes we wonder, 'is it to do with a lack of spirituality, a lack of the real experience of a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and a personal encounter with the living God?

The situation is critical

Thousands of people are leaving the traditional church annually. Is this going to cripple us or will we see it as a call to prayer for spiritual renewal within the church? We are, and will remain, convinced that Jesus Christ Himself is the Lord of His church! Renewal can and must come, but only in obedience to Jesus Christ and His Word.


God has created us as unique beings. This diversity may also be expressed in the church.Together we can experience something of the 'manifold wisdom of God'. As evangelical believers we don't claim that we are the only ones with the right 'colour' but we do believe that we have a constructive contribution to make to the church as a whole.

...but not indistinct

We are not in favour of the idea that everything is possible in the church, as if it doesn't matter what people believe; as if all sorts of assertions can be made about the faith. Then we will have churches where 'pastors and teachers' can preach that the bodily resurrection did not take place and the reconciling work of Christ isn't relevant. We believe in diversity but then within the boundaries of Holy Scripture. We need to be able to address these issues and correct each other where necessary.


Sometimes churches seem to be more concerned with themselves than with their calling in the world. How can the church of today show others what it means to believe in God in a modern, stimulating and creative way? In this context we are thinking of the Lord Jesus' promise that we can expect a great harvest! In the parable of the sower there are seeds that produce thirty, sixty and a hundred-fold more fruit. Mission work and evangelism ought to be at the top of the churches list of priorities.


World-wide, as well as in our own land, the evangelical movement appeals to many young people and is awakening their interest in the person and work of Jesus Christ. As the Evangelical Working Alliance we would like to see this stream of blessing flowing into our churches. That is why we are asking that there be room in the church for evangelical thinking and experience.

Targets and Goals

  • Creating and coaching local prayer groups.
  • Starting up a 'guinea-pig' church, where evangelical church growth can be put into practice.
  • Having a minister's group in every province where visions and ideas can be shared.
    Supporting church officials and members through organising teaching courses and evenings which will offer help and encouragement.
  • Developing evangelical theological training for students and church members.
  • Publishing an 'evangelical song-book' for use alongside the churches traditional hymn book.
  • Starting church growth groups where church members can experience spiritual renewal for themselves.
  • Continuing consultation concerning further ways in which the EWA can work together with the church towards the building up of the church of Christ in the Netherlands.

Church councils from the two main reformed churches and the Lutheran church (UPCN) have welcomed the EWA as having a part in the diversity of the traditional church. There are great possibilities.

Your help is needed

A movement without workers or support won't survive for long. We are extremely grateful for the fact that within a short time many have begun to support our movement, so that we not only have many volunteers but also now have three permanent staff members. Because of this the actual work has really only just begun. We are looking for more people who will stand with us in prayer for a spiritual renewal in the church.

We are looking for people who are concerned about the new generation who may in the future have to manage without a church at all....if nothing changes.

For further information you can contact us.

telephone 00 31 + 342 4600 10
mail kantoor@ewv.nl
adress: Eendrachstraat 29a, 3784 KA Terschuur, The Netherlands


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